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Corporate Training

Acquire TECHNOLOGIES Corporate Training Services is an established training company with a reputation as a specialist provider of quality customized training and development programs. Our success is based on helping clients align their people with the organizations strategy and on maximizing their contribution to the business.

Acquire TECHNOLOGIES is committed to developing a real understanding of each client's specific needs. We listen, learn and customise solutions that are practical and have direct workplace application.

Acquire TECHNOLOGIES provides a wide range of specialized training and employee development programs, including:

  • Softskills

    Softskills, as opposed to hard skills (such as technical skills), focuses on those elements of training that require changes in behavior and thinking. Organizations today recognize that the soft skills training of their employees play an important part in maintaining relationships with their customers and developing a successful business. which in turn leads to higher employee retention. Acquire Training programs are usually designed and developed based on analysis of training needs and is delivered as per the requirements of the client organization.
  • Leadership and Management Development

    Acquire TECHNOLOGIES design and facilitate leadership and management development programs for executive, management and supervisory levels. The programs are customised to each organisation's needs. They are characterised by their interactive delivery that enables participants to connect learning with practical application in the workplace. Participants in our programs increase their awareness and abilities by:

  • Performance Management

    Acquire TECHNOLOGIES help companies design and implement Performance Management Systems that are: Effective - Results Oriented - Fair - Motivating Specifically, we work with clients to develop a Performance Management System and design and implement training that:

  • Change Management

    Acquire TECHNOLOGIES We partner with clients to enable them to successfully facilitate organisational change and implement specific change strategies. Consulting initiatives might include:

  • Service strategy, skills and culture

    Acquire TECHNOLOGIES advise clients on critical people issues inhibiting the implementation of service excellence. We:
    • Create a clear service vision and strategy - to unify and align people to service
    • Conduct customised 'leading for service' training so that leaders are able to create an appropriate, service oriented, work environment

  • Team Effectiveness

    Acquire TECHNOLOGIES Extensive research has been conducted to determine why some teams are more successful than others. The results indicate that team effectiveness rests on:

    • Members of a team contributing their technical and professional ability and expertise and according to a team role that contributes to the teamwork of the group

  • Communication

    Communication is possibly the most prevalent of all the Employability Skills. Speaking, listening, reading and/or writing are central to all work practices and there are very few examples of units of competency which do not contain at least some aspects of communication.

  • Teamwork

    Team work: Teamwork recognises the importance of relationships with others in the workplace. There are very few tasks and roles which occur in isolation, but even these require at least some degree of relationship with customers and/or supervisors or an understanding of how the work being done contributes to an overall goal or target.

  • Problem Solving

    At its simplest, problem solving can be described as seeing that something is wrong and fixing it. At a more complex level, problem solving can include processes to identify problems; for example, risk management and quality assurance. Initiative was identified in the initial report as an important facet of problem solving as it allows individuals to take steps to solve problems, with or without input from supervisors, before they impact on production or service delivery.

  • Planning and organising

    Planning and organising reflects an individual’s ability to manage the tasks and timelines which define their work roles. This has also been identified as one of the Employability Skill areas which benefits the most from on-the-job experience.

  • Self-management

    Self-management refers to an individual’s ability to manage themselves in relation to the outcomes expected of their work role. Individuals must increasingly take responsibility for their own performance. The ways in which they do this can include:

  • Initiative and Enterprise

    While initiative has been identified as an important facet within problem solving, it has also been included as an important skill in its own right. The inclusion of initiative and enterprise on its own reflects the importance many employers place on employees determining how to best achieve work-related outcomes without close and detailed supervision.

  • Learning

    The inclusion of learning recognises the importance of using work experiences to extend and develop new skills. It recognises that learning is a continual process that takes many forms in the workplace and includes:

  • Technology

    The inclusion of technology as an Employability Skill recognises the importance that technology plays not just as a task skill, but in a range of functions performed in the workplace. This Employability Skill includes the more traditional forms of information technology and the skills needed to work with other equipment and machinery.

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